Smart vs. Globe: Which offers a better Prepaid Home WiFi package?

What is the best Prepaid Home WiFi package?

Using WiFi indeed became a need for homes everywhere. Be it for school or contacting loved ones. Yet, some people could not just decide whether they would choose Globe or SMART’s Prepaid Home WiFi. Don’t worry, we have down below the details needed in order for people to decide which is better.

Globe At Home Prepaid Home WiFi – P1,999

Free 10GB Data: Users are entitled to only a one-time fee of P1,999. It also comes with Free 10 GB Data but only lasts 7 days from the day of activation. Globe claims that it offers 50 percent faster connection compared to other traditional mobile WiFis.

Reloading stations: Users can utilize Globe GoSURF promos at any Globe Prepaid loading stations near them. In configuring the device, users could log in to any browser and use the built-in SMS feature to subscribe to specific Globe GoSurf and Super SURF promos.

For more other ways to load, reviews and area availability about Globe’s At Home Prepaid Home WiFi, check out their FAQ comment box

Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi – P1995

Free 10GB Data: That is, for Prepaid Plan and would also last 1 week. If you’re in for a Postpaid plan, users would have Free 10GB every month. Package includes a prepaid LTE SIM card. The SMART LTE Home WiFi is also a one-time fee device.

2x faster LTE connection: The device is said to be faster compared to a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi via Home WiFi. Aside from that, it also provides wider indoor range than the Pocket WiFi. The device offers up to 42 Mbps speed at home and is also LTE 700mHz-ready.

For more questions about Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi regarding how to set up and how to reload, feel free to check our article here. 

While Globe’s At Home Prepaid WiFi boasts 50 percent faster connection compared to other mobile WiFis, SMART’s LTE Home WiFi brags being LTE 700mHz-ready. Hence, it is still up for users to decide what is more convenient for them. Sadly, both the Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi and Globe At Home Prepaid Home WiFi does not offer an unlimited data option.



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