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Top 5 Features We Want To See On Pocophone F2

Asus Zenfone 5Z VS Pocophone F1

What We Expect From Pocophone F2

Considered as the best bang-for-the-buck smartphone of 2018, the Pocophone F1 has established a good number of supporters and users for its first try. With flagship performance for a midrange price, we expect Xiaomi to do the same next year. But this time, here are the top 5 features we want to see on the (potentially) Pocophone F2.

Glass build & IP rating

To cut the price to a minimum, Pocophone F1 went for a polycarbonate material. Not to say that it’s a bad decision, it’s just that it doesn’t feel as premium as glass-clad phones out there. In case they’ve decided to use glass, we’d welcome any type of IP certification given its affordable price tag.

At least an AMOLED display & HDR support

Perhaps the feature that suffered the most here is the display. IPS LCD is an OK display but put it side by side with an AMOLED and you’ll start to see the difference. Aside from the punchier colors, those deep blacks can even save battery life. We also don’t mind HDR support to allow us to watch Netflix in HDR.

Budget Phones with AMOLED Screen

A sliding mechanism

All-screen, Slider Lenovo Z5 Pro

Sounds expensive, eh? Well, not really. Lenovo Z5 Pro was recently released and it’s a sliding phone that starts at $290. Xiaomi will do everyone a huge favor if it managed to bring fullscreen display on the Pocophone F2.

Mi Mix 3 vs Lenovo Z5 Pro vs Honor Magic 2 – Battle of Sliders Specs Comparison

Under-display fingerprint

The future is already here. We are seeing midrange phones with this type of feature and it’s not surprising if Xiaomi managed to include it here given they’ve switched to a fullscreen display.

Dual selfie camera & triple main camera

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 with triple rear camera

At this point, it feels like we’re asking too much. However, we’re already at the point wherein flagships out there has five cameras, and those numbers are just about to go up anytime soon. Dual selfie camera would be great for added wide selfies. The same goes for the main camera — a wide-angle lens and maybe a telephoto too?

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) showcases its triple rear camera feature

But most of all…

It’s kinda hard to expect a lot from the next Pocophone as it already nailed the fundamentals of a phone. Not to mention, that price tag that feels like a holiday sale. But among these things that we’ve mentioned, we just hope that Pocophone F2 would not kill the headphone jack and microSD slot.

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