Huawei and Apple have released their respective 7nm chipsets and it’s expected for Qualcomm to officially announce next month their own take which is the Snapdragon 8150. As it stands right now, the successor to the Snapdragon 845 is pretty much a big deal as it offers generational upgrades and features.

Best Features of Snapdragon 8150

5G Connectivity

While the upcoming 5G or “5th Generation” of mobile connection is still at a very young state, its performance is already expected to be tenfold compared to 4G. We’re not just talking about speeds here but also latency and support. 5G will be more optimized in providing wireless signals to 5G-capable devices within a certain distance at a very fast rate. It’s also expected to create less traffic in frequencies for consistent connection.

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AI Capabilities

Mate 20 Pro AI Camera

This year, it seems like manufacturers can’t stop putting “AI” on their smartphones as a marketing scheme. However, it’s more than that. AI basically handles the behavior of a device depending on its user’s usage for a better experience. The same thing can be said with camera AI features that let you snap and share without playing with filters or post-processing. In a recent leak, Snapdragon 8150 was listed to be the highest scorer in terms of AI performance — besting Huawei’s dual-NPU Kirin 980.

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Quick Charge 5.0 aka “Triple Charge”

Thanks to fast charging features, it balances the modest battery life of smartphones. As Snapdragon 8150 gets closer to its release, expect the company’s Quick Charge technology to improve to which they dub as “triple charge”. Rumor has it that Quick Charge 5.0 can go up to 32W of fast charging that flows in three currents (QC 4.0+ uses two currents) without affecting battery wear.

Class-leading Performance

iPhone XS
Apple iPhone XS

For quite some time now, Qualcomm has been leading in Android benchmarks. But compared to Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, it always lags behind. But according to the latest Antutu benchmark leak, that’s about to change. According to the benchmark result, Snapdragon 8150 garnered an average overall score of 362,000 — overtaking the Mate 20 Series’ 311,000 and iPhone XS‘ 352,000. While it’s basically an apples and oranges comparison, it’s a good sign for the future of Snapdragon 8150.

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Better Optimization

One thing about flagship SoCs is that — it’s so powerful it drains battery like there’s no tomorrow. With that in mind, Qualcomm is rumored to further enhance their CPU utilization by adopting a triple core cluster instead of the usual dual-core cluster. Basically, an eight-core CPU will be divided into three groups — 4 high performing cores, two low performing cores, and another set of two lower performing cores. In real-world usage, this could translate to better standby time and when mildly using the phone.

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