With flagship smartphone prices on the rise, the market is now flooded with more budget category to choose from. While the Google Pixel 3 & 3 XL don’t start at $1000, the 128GB variant of the 3 XL does. And for that price, one would think that it’s not worth it to buy a flagship phone anymore in 2019 hence the Google Pixel 3 Lite.

Google Pixel 3 Lite Specs and Price

The so-called “affordable” Google Pixel 3 Lite has been in the rumor mill for quite some time now and even recently leaking in a hands-on video. It’s said that it will sport a Snapdragon 670, 4GB/32GB, 1080p+ LCD screen, 12MP main camera, and 8MP front camera. From the specs alone, it seems like the affordable version of Google Pixel 3 could be a hard buy.

The regular Google Pixel 3 starts at $799. Based on that, we expect the Pixel 3 Lite to start at $599. On the android market, that’s a tough sell.

Google will be facing a tough competition with the OnePlus 6T at $549 and even the less than $300 Pocophone F1. But if Google can put the price down to $400, it might have a chance.

Pixel 3 Lite should be like the iPhone XR

Aside from the price, the specs aren’t convincing either. When Apple released the iPhone XR, that one has their latest flagship chipset in it. But a Pixel 3 Lite with a Snapdragon 670, you can’t run all games smoothly and performance might hobble users for 2020.

But we get it, Google’s phones are about the camera (or rather the algorithm behind it) and software support. However, smartphone cameras are so much better now that no one bats an eye who has the most pixels on a photo. If we’re talking about software, OnePlus has been at the forefront recently as users continue to voice out their frustrations over the buggy Pixel UI. Moreover, we just hope that the company can find a way to make the Snapdragon 670 feel like worthy hardware after a couple of years.

In any case, would you buy the Google Pixel 3 Lite after all knowing all of these?

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