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Xiaomi Mi 6 caught up in Snapdragon 835 shortage, might opt for SD 821


Xiaomi Mi 6 with Snapdragon 821?

With expectations high on a possible release of Xiaomi Mi 6 at the previous MWC event held in Barcelona, the Chinese company instead debut their very own Surge S1 chipset on the Mi 5c.

Probably, Snapdragon 835 came to play that led to debunked MWC release.

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A Weibo post coming from an unnamed source looks to support our insight, reporting that Mi 6 might sport a Snapdragon 821 due to a shortage.

Mi 6 concept

We all know that Samsung hoarded all the supplies of the Snapdragon 835, resulting to Galaxy S8 sporting the latest chipset in the market once released.

That also, eventually, led to a delay on the release of Sony Xperia XZ Premium and opting for SD 821 for the LG G6.

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Xiaomi Mi 6 sporting Snapdragon 835 coming soon


On the bright side, the Chinese company still plans to release an SD 835 version of the Mi 6 on a later date. It was rumored that it may come with three variants sporting a MediaTek Helio X30 processor, the unconfirmed Snapdragon 835/821 and a curved display of the same chipset.

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