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Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus vs Asus Zenfone 4 Triple Camera Comparison


Are you currently in the market for mid-ranged dual-rear camera smartphones? Or are you simply curious on the photo quality of different handsets today? Whatever the reason, we are here to compare 3 of the most recent mid-ranged dual-rear camera smartphones we had our hands on.

Here’s a quick rundown on the specs. Due note that all photos are taken on auto mode and at the highest resolution possible. Also, photo features that are not apparent on other phones are not mentioned.

What’s up manila, this is Clark of Manila Shaker and today is a triple camera comparison between the Xiaomi Mi A1, Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus and ASUS Zenfone 4.


Day-Lit Shots

Details on all three phones may seem at par at first glance. On a closer look however, the Zenfone 4 has the sharpest details amongst the three with the Mi A1 and J7 Plus almost having the same clarity. Colors and light exposure are also more accurate on the Zenfone 4 compared to the paler tone of the Mi A1, and a balance of the two on the J7 Plus.


Taking the 3 shots on HDR mode sheds light on the darker areas of the pictures, most noticeably on the leaves and gazebo. Sharpness was maintained and details were revealed that you may not have seen without HDR as this mode works perfectly on all three.

Scenic Shots

Colors and details in scenic shots were also more accurate on the Zenfone 4, even showing the reflection of the person who took the picture on the glass in front. Meanwhile, the quality on the Mi A1 and J7 Plus seem equal in terms of color and details. So, we’ll have to let you decide which is better between the two with this one, what do you think?

Zoom Capacity

Having dual rear-camera lenses, we had to give the zoom capabilities of the handsets a try. With the Mi A1 zooming up to 10X than its original size and amazingly not losing much details, while the J7 Plus and Zenfone 4 with the same zoom capacity.

Low-lit indoor Shots

Low lit indoor shots however on the Zenfone 4 produces a bluish-green tint as opposed to the dim yellow light source of the room. Colors are more accurate on both the Mi A1 and J7 however, textures of the picture frame are more apparent on the J7 Plus compared to the grainy look on the Mi A1.

Another indoor shot shows the occurring bluish-green tint on the Zenfone 4 most noticeably on the near left wall of the picture. Details and color are more precise on the Mi A1 and J7 Plus but with the Mi A1 having better exposure and over-all color accuracy as mentioned in our previous video about the two.

Night-Time Shots

As for the night time shots, the Zenfone 4 has better contrast balance maintaining the original color of the building in front without mixing the colors in the background, as opposed to the Mi A1 having almost all of the visible light sources yellow with the center building barely gaining light, and for the J7 Plus having almost the same color contrast on the building with the background.

Turning on the J7 Plus’s night mode over exposes the photo and had less noise control.

Built-in Flash

The Xiaomi has the brightest built-in flash compared to the other two handsets, while the J7 Plus and Zenfone 4 uses enough lighting capacity to not over expose the subject. The true winner in this category is the flash that retains true white which is more apparent on the Zenfone 4.

Front-Camera Shots

Low-lit front cam shots on the Mi A1 produces pale colors and leans away from the original dim yellow light source. While the J7 Plus may have better selfie quality than the Mi A1, the overall quality is best on the Zenfone 4 from color accuracy, shadows and details.

Like in low-lit selfies, day light selfies on the Mi A1 produces paler skin tones and remove some facial features like marks and blemishes, which the J7 Plus does as well, but with a reddish tone on the skin. While the Zenfone 4 staying true to original skin tone and removing little to none facial features.

Video Quality

Video recording on both the Mi A1 and the Zenfone 4 has 4k capabilities compared to the J7 which can only go up to 1080p. Sharpness, color and stabilization are overall apparent on the Zenfone 4.

So how about you? Have you decided which mid-ranged dual rear camera phone is for you? We hope this video helps you decide on your next dual cam handset. Comment down below what you think and see you on the next one.

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