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Xiaomi trolls Huawei P30’s overpriced specs vs Mi 9


Well, that did not take long for Xiaomi to finally throw the first punch against the newly announced Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. Xiaomi has trolled Huawei P30 on Facebook telling that it is unjustified given it is priced almost twice compared to their flagship Mi 9, which was recently priced for P22,990 in the Philippines.

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Despite the Mi 9 lagging in Dx0mark photo score (but winning on video) and battery capacity, Xiaomi manages to point that Mi 9 has the same or better key features like a wider display, fastest wireless charging, and much affordable SRP.

For the price difference of $400 in some regions, the extra periscope-like lossless zoom of Huawei P30 makes up for those extra bucks you will spend. But with a lot of midrange phones becoming more capable like a flagship device, it will be hard for Huawei P30 to significantly beat the likes of Xiaomi Mi 9, Oppo Reno, Vivo iQOO, or the Pocophone F1–which are all priced nearly half of the P30.

Let us know which side you are in between the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Huawei P30?



  1. I like the way Xiaomi is recently pricing their flagship phones(also their premium mid-range)-it can surely be good for the consumers.

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