Together with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the South Korean company introduces its next-generation wireless earbuds — meet the Galaxy Buds.

Despite the rumors, Samsung didn’t omit the headphone jack from its latest flagship phones. But it didn’t stop them also in releasing their own wireless buds. Check out all the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Top Features of Samsung Galaxy Buds

More colors!

We know, we know. It’s not really a technical feature but tech can also be seen as a lifestyle. From a Black color only, you can also get the Galaxy Buds in bright Yellow and clean White to match your phone or style.


Wireless Charging

Although you can charge the case (together with the buds) via USB Type-C, wireless charging offers a more convenient approach. With only 58mAh(earbud) plus 252mAh(cradle) to recharge, it won’t even take that long through wireless charging.


Galaxy Buds Dedicated App

One of the best things when owning Galaxy Buds is its dedicated app. The app provides a lot of control for every single feature like equalizer, battery status and tips, notification control, touchpad control, and ambient sound.

Thru the app, you can access Find My Earbuds to sound both buds in case you misplaced them.

Galaxy Buds App (Photo by 9to5Google)

Ambient Sound

While most people enjoy listening to music without any ambient noise, some people prefer to be aware of their surroundings still. Found within the app, you can control ambient sound for both or each bud to keep you aware of who’s talking to you or for precautionary when working out outdoors.


Quick Pairing

No need to pair this and that. Simply pop the cradle open and the buds will quickly connect to your Bluetooth-activated phone.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds for an official price of Php6,990 at any Samsung store.


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