Argomall, an online shop in the Philippines has partnered with a renowned Czech abstract artist and designer, Radim Kacer, for his Yombi cases and wallpapers.

Karel Holub, Argomall chief argonaut, mentioned the following words,

“In embracing this partnership, Argomall hopes other Filipinos will be inspired by Kacer’s artwork and would want their work to be featured in Argomall cases and wallpapers. And as this trend catches on, the company looks forward to seeing more Filipino-themed designs created by Kacer.”

Since then, art influenced and inspired people up until modern times. It easily adjusted from traditional to digital – basically, art is everywhere.

With modernization, Kacer studied and worked with abstract patterns to digital images. This hard work led him to invent OrganikPixel technology, a method for ultra-high definition digital images. In 2018, he established his own brand, Radim Kacer™, which is focused on making original wallpapers for screens by using OrganikPixel technology.

According to a renowned Czech abstract artist and designer, Radim Kacer, abstract painting doesn’t mean anything; it’s supposed to only evoke imagination. It’s like a mirror for our mind.

Radim Kacer’s abstract artwork is currently available at Argomall for cases and wallpapers on iPhone X – (PHP 1,690), iPhone 7 – (PHP 1,690), and iPhone 8 – (PHP 1,690).

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