Best Android, iOS app alternatives for Waze traffic and navigation

Looking for navigation apps aside from Waze?

No doubt that Waze is an app that plays a huge role in GPS tracking for smartphone or desktop users. However, there are still times that some couldn’t download the app for some reason. Well, some prefer other apps. That said, we listed down below the top alternative Android and iOS apps for Waze.

Google Maps – Android/iOS

It displays specific places and whether it has gas stations, hospitals, street view, suggestions and road closures. It also allows location sharing and saving addresses. It also has instructions on how to get you from point A to point B.

It also has a Find my Car feature which you could save your car’s location and find it again. Downloadable offline data is also possible.

Apple Maps – iOS

While the Google Maps provides data for Android users, Apple Maps does the same for Apple users. But Apple maps showcase 3D mapping and live 3D models of buildings.

MapQuest – Android/iOS

The app is convenient since it allows users to compare gas station prices, show real-time weather updates and has a voice navigation feature. However, it is not available in all countries.

INRIXL – Android/iOS

Provides turn-by-turn navigation thanks to its real-time traffic database. It alerts users when the road is free of traffic and when you need to leave. Alerts can also be customized. It also has Autotelligent features.

Yandex.Maps – Android/iOS

The app provides downloadable maps from 1863 cities for offline navigation. It also shows satellite pictures and panoramic views of buildings. Yandex Map has a live traffic navigation system as well.

OsmAnd Maps – Android/iOS

It offers OSM (OpenStreetMap) data with voice guidance as well. It also has day/night modes as it also automatically re-routes when you went to the wrong path.

HERE WeGo – Android/iOS

The feature that HERE Maps boasts is it notifies you when you are speeding. Not only does the app show routes, but it also allows the user to view bus ticket prices and car fares. The app also has interactive 3D maps and voice guidance. It is also one of the apps that have offline navigation through downloading data.

Maps.Me – Android/iOS

It provides online and offline turn-by-turn navigation. It uses OpenStreetMap data as its base which anyone can freely edit and share too.

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