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Top 4 App Alternatives for Uber, Grab Transportation Philippines

Top 4 App Alternatives For Uber, Grab Transportation

Uber and Grab are no doubt the top alternative transportations out in the Philippines. Both transportation services have thousands of users every day and over millions of downloads. Yet, what will happen if Grab or Uber is fully booked or you are already in a hurry?

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Have no fear! Below are the top five alternative app transportations for Grab or Uber:

1.) Wunder Carpool (Android, iOS available)

This service differs from Grab and Uber in terms of transactions. As Uber and Grab transacts per passenger/s, Wunder aims to promote sharing with other people. Commuters will be matched for drivers going the same route. With that, the car owner and the passenger/s could share the cost of fuel.

It is also said to be much cheaper having the price of around PHP 60 for a 15-kilometer ride. In short, the travel cost depends on the distance traveled.

2.) U-Hop (Android, iOS available)

U-Hop also doesn’t focus on per person or group transaction since it allows commuters to ride in a shuttle service/UV Express. They also offer rides in sedans. There are also offers for unlimited rides at the cost of Php 1,400 weekly and Php 6,000 monthly. As of now, they are offering an unlimited trip anywhere around Metro Manila for PHP 99.

3.) Angkas (Android, iOS available)

If you prefer riding in motorcycles, then Angkas is the right app for you. Angkas provides motorcycles as taxi services. Pricing costs for an estimated PHP 50 for the first 2 kilometers and an additional PHP 10 for every succeeding kilometer.

4.) Sakay.PH (Android, iOS available)

Not exactly like the apps above, but Sakay.ph provides every method of reaching your destination. The app shows how many minutes it would take if you would walk to your destination. Along with instructions via walking, the app also shows ALL available routes if you would take an LRT, UV, jeepney or bus. Aside from that, it also shows Uber vehicles near you.

Top 4 App Alternatives For Uber, Grab Transportation

Hope we helped you in your day-to-day commuting habit!


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