Command & Conquer and Red Alert to launch in a remastered 4K version for PC

EA’s 1990s famous strategic game, Command and Conquer and its sequel, C&C: Red Alert, will be developed in 4K version. Both of these are remastered and will be playable for PC.

There is no word yet for the mobile version, but there is a possibility they will also launch an Android and iOS Red Alert games as the current one called Command and Conquer: Rivals is not as successful as they expected.

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When is the new Remastered Command & Conquer: Red Alert available for download?

EA and its partnered developer, Petroglyph, did not give any release date or development updates as they are still on the planning stage. However, if everything will be ironed out, they could start developing next year and an expected launch date on the end of 2020.

Photos and gameplay of Command and Conquer Rivals game in HD


Is the mobile version of Command and Conquer: Red Alert will happen?

Of course, with millions of fans from Android and iPhone/iOS ecosystems, EA could possibly be inspired to port their upcoming C&C: Red Alert Remaster to mobile versions too. But take this something like a pinch of salt until EA itself give the clues and details.

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