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PC games are quite common to be more on the cooperative side of the matter. Nothing beats a good gaming session with your ol’ pals and probably fight over a thing or two. So, we that in mind, we figured to provide you with five pc games that are fun to play with friends.

League of Legends

I know what your thinking right now, the League’s community, whether its on NA or PH server is marked as one of the most toxic in gaming history. Many actually quit playing League, because of the community, being way too hard on newbies and mistakes, and i gotta say, i’m personally guilty at some of scenarios of being a bully to newbies, but thats not the story here. League might be full of very annoying and sometimes immature players (i’m guilty, okay!), but you can hide the fact that its a really fun game to play with your buddies. The cooperative playstyle that League requires is good on a 5V5 scenario, wherein you all know your limits and capabilities overall. Just don’t take things to seriously or you might poke your buddies eye from all the rage.

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Left 4 Dead series

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Good ol’ left 4 dead. This is more of personal preference actually, since Left 4 Dead was our ultimate source of pastime back at college. Me and 3 of my best buds, play at a few rounds of L4D and just try to best each other, or even try to troll one another and get our teamates killed. A pretty fun zombie co-op game that everyone must’ve heard of. Left 4 Dead promotes not only cooperative playing, but tactical play as well, especially if a tank appears. You could either take down the tank with all your team’s might or simply scurry around and ‘run like HELL!’. I had really good memories with my college buds with this game, so its more of a really reminiscing game to me, though that doesn’t mean its not fun, since, you might think that i’m letting nostalgia get the better of me, oh no sir. zombies plus co-op play? whats not fun about that?

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Diablo series

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The diablo series is relatively a game that can be played solely, however, it brings out the best of the game by playing it with your friends, though i highly doubt you can finish any of the series by playing it alone, even in the most easiest difficulty. Its actually a fun game that requires everyone to be on the same page and just like League, requires you to know your particular role in the group, which could either be the tank, the support healer or cc specialist and the long range hitter or close ranged bruiser. The game punishes your mistakes and rewards you for your extra efforts in battle, though friends that have been playing the game with each other would be expected to showcase a better knowledge in roles, thus, the game is a bit hard on newbies.

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Dota/Dota 2

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Another MOBA entry in this list, Dota 2 is a franchise that originated the MOBA theme battles, though is a bit different this time around. The concept is now being ran and owned by Valve, maker of the beloved Half Life series. Similar to any MOBA, Dota 2 promotes cooperative gameplay and is like playing a cooperative game of chess, with every move, more punishing and unforgiving than its rival MOBA, League of legends. Gameplay-wise, Dota 2 showcases a much more complex system than League, especially with the “comebacks”. wherein Dota 2 games are harder to come back on from a deficit than in League. Careful moves and accurate calls are a big factor in Dota 2, which gives the game its fun factor, for it gives a certain amount of challenge to all teammates.

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Counter strike

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One of my earliest games, Counter strike is probably one of the most earliest games that promoted cooperative play and oh boy it was sure fun to play it, especially with your buddies. The bit complex (when your new) mechanic of the game, makes it more appealing, especially for gamers that loves to play with each other. Currently, the newer CS: GO is a huge eSport and is highly appreciated in the gaming stream site, twitch. Some streamers often play with their buddies or other streamers in a match and see them having the time of their lives. Again this game, requires you to be more cooperative and trustful of your teammates and would punish you for bad shot calling. All in all, the grandaddy of cooperative first person shooting shooting is still one of the best games to play with your friends.

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