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Huawei’s flagship said to sport under-display fingerprint scanner


The advancements in mobile security are getting bigger and bigger and the bezels are getting smaller and smaller.

This new screen technology has been a hot topic lately. With Vivo launching their flagship equipped with the first-ever smartphone with under display fingerprint scanner, courtesy of Synaptics. Vivo sure likes taking risks, from having the thinnest phone with massive 8 GB of RAM now this.

Now, Huawei is also reported to launch a smartphone sporting an under display fingerprint scanner. For upcoming Mate 11/20, Huawei is said to have chosen to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint solution. This is the first smartphone to ship with the particular sensor built-in.

Huawei Mate 11/20 is expected to launch in September and October this year.

Apparently, Qualcomm partnered with Taiwan-based GIS and China’s O-film Tech in order to build its ultrasonic sensor. They both specialize in offering touchscreen solutions.

Samsung supposed to be going this route too but changed because the timing was never right.

From pins, fingerprint scanner button, optical scanner, facial ID recognition and now under display fingerprint scanner. Which feature will make us feel more secure?

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