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Jabra Speak 710 speaker to be available locally


Jabra Speak 710 – designed for business and personal usage

A premium speakerphone designed for business and personal usage lands in the Philippines, namely, the Jabra Speak 710.

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Made for voice, music, and multimedia, the Jabra Speak 710 features an omnidirectional 360-degree microphone audio pick up for crystal clear communication. A must-have for business executives when it comes to meetings and conferences.


The company even boasts the maximum 15hours of battery life in order to compensate for the ever-busy hours of a business group. Jabra targets this kind of group that works to an average of 58 hours a week, of which 2.5 hours is dedicated to meetings only.

“We at Jabra aspire to make life sound better for our users,” says Wayne Lee, Product Management and Alliances Manager, APAC

The Speak 710 works as easy as plug-and-play and it can even be connected to another unit wirelessly with just a single touch on control.

“Offering extended mobility combined with an immersive audio and true music experience, this makes it the exclusive business partner and music companion for any business leader and C-level executive who values productivity and efficiency,” states Lee.

Currently priced at $299USD or almost Php15k internationally, units can be bought through Jabra Authorized channels only.

For more info, just head over to www.apac.jabra.com/speak710.

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