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As season 5 draws to a close, a recent update on the Preseason 2016 patch has been announced by Riot, and oh boy it has a lot of changes, mainly in masteries, the vision system and how marksmen are played in the game. Lets dig in a little and summarize the huge update from Riot.

The Preseason 2016 update starts things off with a introduction to a possible new  masteries feature, named the keystone masteries, wherein a tier 3 mastery place, which will be named the keystone mastery, which get greatly affect your overall playstyle and augment your ingame capabilities to adapt to situations, examples such as bleeding effects on an inflicted enemy,via spell or autoattack, which will be expected to deal bonus AD and AP damage over time. These might be useful against a tank lineup to greatly soften them up before an initial fight occurs, which will actually play out the tides in your favour.

Vision items will also be greatly affected by the upcoming Preseason 2016 patch, specifically with the removal of the single purchased stealth ward. The 75g stealth ward will now be removed from the game, though trinket wards, blue wards from orbs and sightstone wards will still be active.

Certain new starting items for ADC’s will also play a role in the upcoming Preseason patch, with the introduction to the “Cull”, which would play a very similar role to the well-known avarice blade and would also provides gold per set of minions killed bonuses. Theres also the introduction of the new neutral beast, the rift herald, which is located where the baron is. The rift herald will take the baron’s place, while the baron has yet to be summoned in the game, so taking advantage of this early monster, will give toplaners and junglers the edge over their opposition.

A few changes for specific ad carries are also expected from the update, with a few of them receiving changes on their character passives and some of them, more on their battling and fighting capabilities. The patch carries a lot more, and like the preseason’s patch last year, it’ll take a lot to get used to overall as a player, however, its what makes League of Legends very new and fresh every end of season.

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