Spending time watching YouTube videos is one of the fun things to do when you’re killing time, relaxing or even learning things. It’s a great platform for entertainment and education. With that, YouTube has added cool features to make our watching experience enjoyable and efficient.

Here is the rundown of YouTube’s cool features that you need to try.

Incognito mode

It’s the latest feature that YouTube has right now. This is helpful if you want to watch a video and not have shown in your history. To activate this feature, go to (Account > Turn on Incognito)

10-second skip

Skipping video can be easier on the desktop, but on mobile is kind of a struggle for some. You just have to double-tap the video and it will automatically skip to 10-seconds, or if that doesn’t work for you there’s a setting where skip-time can be changed. (Account > Settings > General > Double-tap to seek)

Take a break

There are times that we binge watch YouTube videos and often forgot things that we should do on that day. Too much watching may lead to less productivity that’s why YouTube has added this feature to remind us that we’ve spent a lot of time on the app.  (Account > Settings > General > Remind me to take a break)

But these are just reminders, it won’t close the application as soon as it popped up. The decision is all up to the user.

Limit mobile data usage

We often enjoy watching that forgot how much amount of data it could waste. To avoid going over your monthly data cap, just turn on the ‘Remind me to take a break’ feature on YouTube. (Account > Settings > General > Limit mobile data usage)

Video playback on background

People have been dying for YouTube to add this setting since most of the time, what we do on YouTube is to listen to music. It’s a hassle on mobile because we couldn’t stay on one app for too long. Finally, they added this but it’s only for YouTube Red subscribers.

Using your Red account, just hit the home button while watching the video and it will continue playing in the background. You can customize this on (Account > Settings > Background and downloads > Playback)


So, here are the top features we liked on YouTube, how about you? Let us know in your comments below. Enjoy watching!


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