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Mindanao Islamic Telephone Inc. or Mislatel is the 3rd major telco player after confirmed by NTC a couple of weeks ago. The new player promises of up to 27 Mbps average internet speed on its first year of operation, this is aside from the committed 37% coverage of entire nation. Both competing, established telco players SMART and Globe have an average speed of 10 Mbps.

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The Mislatel-consortium plans to make this happen thru its business partner, China Telecom. Armed with the latest technologies, China Telecom will help the local telecom to put up services with faster internet speed than its competition. They even mentioned of bringing 5G technology in their first years of service.

Recently, both the DICT and China Telecom agreed on a new project on which the latter will use the government’s fiber optic landing facilities in the country including Facebook’s fiber optic center.

Time will tell if Mislatel will really deliver on their commitment, if not, the government may start looking for another player on which it will award and allocate the available network frequencies.

Do you think Mislatel will reach its goals on the first 5 years? Let us know in the comment section.


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