Samsung Galaxy F Foldable, Flexible Smartphone

With the mobile phone race getting heat up while moving into the next phase of foldable and flexible displays, Samsung has faced a new hurdle with the latest breach of its R&D (Research and Development).

The latest news points that the flexible, bendable display technology Samsung has costly invested in for many years has been stolen and sold to China for $14 million USD with the Korean authorities not disclosing which company received the blueprints and the important data. However, several people have already been arrested and detained in South Korea in order to uncover more details about the incident.

Foldable, Flexible Android Tablet and Smartphone Hybrid FlexPai

Despite the setbacks, Samsung is still going forward with its flexible phones. The company has showcased a prototype of its upcoming flexible, dual screen smartphone during its developer conference just a few weeks ago. While the Korean-giant is expected to fully unveil the rumored Galaxy F by next year with a $2000 estimated pricing.

Another Chinese company has also announced a production-ready flexible phone called Royole FlexPai. It is a 7-inch tablet that transforms into a pocketable smartphone device when folded, which has similar functions to the upcoming Galaxy F.

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