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Samsung Galaxy A 2017: The Budgeted S8?


The recent release of the Samsung Galaxy A 2017 gave the consumers another three choices for their next daily driver. It’s pretty hard to shy away from these mid-range handsets as the trio comes with the same premium design and a rare IP68 rating under mid-range tier. Could we be possibly looking at a budgeted Galaxy S8?

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Rumors are spreading everywhere on the internet regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Up to now, there is still no accurate information regarding its specification and features, heck, even its release date is still a rumor. Some say it will be around February before MWC event, just like what they usually do, while others state that it will be delayed until April, in order to ensure that the device is 100% ready and safe (if you know what I mean). We may not have an idea on what the Galaxy S8 is like but the Galaxy A 2017 Series surely gave the idea that mid-range device should come with flagship-like features.

Premium Design, Dust and Water Resistant


It’s not very common to see premium built mid-range devices to come with IP68 dust and water resistance. Perhaps, this is the notable feature that separates the Galaxy A 2017 amongst the rest. Smartphones that are dust and water resistant are mostly found in the high-end tier, but Samsung made a statement that this should be a must-have for smartphones, as we enter 2017.

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Not your average camera


The Korean company is aware that smartphone users spend most of their time capturing and recording moments of their lives. Be it special, or not, how many times do we see a cute cat or dog being recorded and posted on social media? As much as possible, we want to have a clear and crisp image that is “post-worthy” on our Instagram. Samsung answered that with 16MP front and back camera. An unusual high MP count combination that Samsung is willing to take. To make a standard front camera that has the same quality of a rear camera(hopefully).

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Stylish and Powerful


The bread and butter of Samsung. While some may not totally agree with the phone being stylish, let’s admit that this phone is still beautiful compared to other phones under the same tier. Samsung does not only want you to have a head turner phone but also a powerful one that can handle your daily needs. The upgraded octa-core processor surely won’t let you down be it intense gaming or multi-tasking.

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Affordable Price

We barely see Samsung devices that are cheap. However, the giant tech company doesn’t need to lower its price just to boost its strength in the market. They just have to provide you what you need for a reasonable price.

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Talking about price, the Galaxy A 2017 series is estimated to have a starting price of $300 or almost Php15k(before taxes)while you can get the most expensive model for RM1,899 ~$424 or almost Php21k(before taxes).

The Samsung Galaxy A 2017 may not have the iris scanner feature or a stylus pen, but still, it is sleek and a capable all-around mid-range daily driver.

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