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Top 5 Features of Samsung Galaxy A 2017 Series


With all the hype and leaks everywhere, Samsung finally unveiled their newest mid-range lineup, the Samsung Galaxy A 2017 series. This time, the Korean company is putting its pedal to the metal as they try to change the standard when it comes to mid-range smartphones.

But what is the hype all about? What is so special about this trio? What’s the difference between the current lineup and the previous generations? So without further ado, we rounded up the top five features of the Samsung Galaxy A 2017.

5. Floating Camera Button

So far, we are used to the fixed camera button at the bottom of our screen or the physical shutter button on the side to take a picture. And you have to admit, getting that perfect angle on your photo is harder than it looks. You need to do some finger and hand gymnastics just to get the best shot out of your photo. However, the Galaxy A 2017 camera app made it easier for you by making its camera button float and draggable to any part of your screen.

4. Side Speaker

Some might find unusual to have a side-mounted speaker on your smartphone. Most people might think that having a front speaker makes more sense since the sound is firing directly at the user, compared to the familiar back firing speaker. Don’t forget the bottom-firing speaker too. But despite these positions, the speakers still get covered when you use your device horizontally. The side speaker though will keep this from happening.

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3. USB Type-C

Flagship smartphones have already migrated to USB Type-C(except for the Galaxy S7, but the upcoming S8 will change that) and it is the future of wired data transfer connection. Forget about microUSB port as USB Type-C offers faster speed and it’s reversible, mind you.

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2. 16MP front and rear camera

13MP/5MP, 16MP/8MP, these are the usual combination of the camera that we see under the mid-range tier. Only a handful of smartphones is out there with more than 8MP of selfie camera. Well, Samsung says ‘what the hell, let’s put a 16MP front and rear camera on our next phone’. That’s what they just did.

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1. IP68 Water and Dust resistant

Apparently, one of the most requested features on a smartphone is the ability to survive water splashes. Just ask Japan, they use their handset while taking a bath or a shower. Mid-range devices with an IP68 rating is rare and hard to find, these handsets are a gold mine when you put them under that category. You can submerge these things over 1.5meter for under 30minutes and you still have a working smartphone.

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Samsung just made a statement how mid-range devices should be this 2017. Improving its existing features and adding new ones for almost the same price is pretty rare for Samsung handsets.

Samsung Galaxy A 2017 Official Photos, Colors

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