Home Tech Rumors Samsung Galaxy S8 rear camera claims to record at 1000fps video

Samsung Galaxy S8 rear camera claims to record at 1000fps video


Rumor claims: 1000fps video recording for Samsung Galaxy S8

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor. This time, the South Korean giant tries to topple the latest feature of Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Because, why not?

Coming first from Korean site Naver, by adding a certain amount of DRAM into the 12MP rear module of the Galaxy S8 – will allow the 1000fps video recording.

At an earlier date, Sony boasted the Xperia XZ Premium’s capability to record at an extreme 960fps slo-mo video.

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While the extra 40fps won’t be that much of a difference, it’s still good to see a smartphone hit that 1000fps mark.

To complete the rumor, an autofocus feature will be added to the 8MP front-facing module and a 3.7MP RGB camera sensor will be utilized for the iris scanner.


Do take note, though, that Samsung has yet to comment on the latest rumor.

Regardless, rumors like this won’t stop from popping out as we get closer to the official announcement of the Galaxy S8, come March 29.

So far, these are the rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8.

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{Source: Naver via AndroidAuthority}

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