Every smartphone manufacturer’s dream is to create an innovation that will change the game of mobile industry, one of these are iPhone’s notch, Huawei’s triple camera setup, Asus’ battery king smartphones and more.

Now Samsung is attempting to make a mark by releasing the first foldable smartphones to put on the market which is said to be possible next year.

Samsung showcased their working concept at CES 2018 which is expected to be launched as the Galaxy X. It is expected to come with a 7.3-inch OLED screen and when it is folded, it is estimated to be 4.5-inch.

According to the industry sources, the Galaxy X is expected to be priced at roughly $1,850.

It is not just Samsung that is working on a foldable phone, Huawei and ZTE are reported to be developing these type of smartphone. So Samsung should be alert to claim the “world’s first foldable phone” title.


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