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A Possible Microsoft Surface Phone Appears in a Browser Benchmark

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A possible Microsoft Surface phone suddenly showed up on HTML5test benchmark, with the new phone stating that it is running on Windows 10. Are we actually gonna see a full – pledged surface phone in the future? Lets take a closer look and find out.

The mysterious smartphone packs an older version of Windows 10 and has a weird 640×360 screen, though this could just pretty much be a prototype and the big M is simply trying things out on a randomized screen.

No further information regarding this particular mystery phone has yet surfaced after this ordeal. So far now, we have to wait a bit further to actually get a confirmation from Microsoft, regarding this particular, supposedly Surface phone. However, could we be seeing the inevitability of a Surface phone or merely a teaser for a whole different device? Hopefully its the former, we have our fingers crossed!

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What do you think of this unknown Windows 10 phone? Are we really gonna have a Surface phone? Hit us up on the comments section below and share our empathy or crush our Surface phone dreams into tiny bits of pieces, err. Either way, we love to hear from you guys, so just keep those suggestions coming.

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