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Toyota Vios vs Hyundai Reina vs Kia Soluto – Best P600k priced car to buy in PH?

Comparison Toyota Vios 2019 vs Hyundai Reina vs Kia Soluto

The sub-compact cars market segment in the Philippines has been dominated by Toyota for many years. But its market share has started to shrink after the introduction of the Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, and the Nissan Almera. Much more is true with the launched of more affordable Hyundai Reina and Kia Soluto this 2019.

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With a more expensive base model, the Vios might have a hard time gaining its needed traction to stay at the top this year until 2020 especially in the P600k pricing. So which is a better car to buy between the Toyota Vios, Hyundai Reina, and Kia Soluto? Find out in our specs comparison below.

Design and Size

In terms of dimensions, the 2019 Vios has a longer and wider body but it has a lower ground clearance at 140mm compared to the 150mm of both Reina and Soluto. The trunk capacity of the Vios is also smaller in order to give more space inside. Overall, the three offers almost the same comfort and space inside and differences should be negligible for most passengers.

The Soluto and Reina share the same platform, thanks to the partnership of Kia and Hyundai. The exterior, however, is significantly different. The Reina and Vios have aggressive front grills with the Vios having the most attractive rear and tail lights. In summary, the Soluto has a vanilla flavor while the Reina and Vios with more flavorful touches.

Winner: Toyota Vios

Power, Transmission, and Efficiency

Again, the Soluto and Reina share the same 1.4-liter gasoline engine that produces 94 horsepower compared to the 1.3-liter of Vios which has 98HP. The torque on the former two sedans is higher at 132Nm and readily available at 4000 rpm versus the 123 Nm of Vios at 4400 rpm.

All of the cars compared are equipped with 5-speed manual transmission.

In papers, it is hard to tell which has the most efficient engine in city and highway driving. But given that these three cars have proven engines and are designed for general use, we safely assume that efficiency will not differ significantly.

Winner: Tie for Soluto, Reina, and Vios

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Despite the base model selection, the three offers basic safety features with both driver and front passenger airbags. They also offer ABS or Anti-lock Braking System with the Soluto and Reina offering ISOFIX tether at the rear seats.

Winner: Tie

Extra Features

Infotainment and extra features are fairly limited on all these base models. The most lacking is the Vios J variant with the power windows installed at the front side only compared to all windows of the two competitors.

Again, not much is expected from the base model entries as they have non-touch infotainment (AUX FM/AM radio) and missing navigation system. These models are as good as bringing you to point A to B.

Winner: Tie


For P625,000 starting price, the Kia Soluto is the most affordable car in this comparison. Not far is the Reina at P638,000 pesos. The Toyota Vios 2019 J variant is the most expensive at P685,00 pesos.

If you’re really planning to save some cash and be practical, then better get the Reina or Soluto. Alternatively, the Vios has the best looks yet a little pricey compared to the two.

Winner: Soluto and Reina


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