We’ve already tackled a few landscape tackled techniques that you can use for a wide-angled shot, however, if you prefer portraits shots, whether, of someone else or yourself through selfies, we’ve got the stops you’ll need. Here are 5 tips and tricks in smartphone portrait photography.

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Zooming in can increase the dramatic composition

Whether you’re looking for a melancholy approach or a happy one, zooming in on someone’s facial expression is still considered to be one of the most excellent yet simple ways of portrait shooting and it’s the same in smartphone portrait shooting. If you’re looking for a massively epic shot with a full-blown expression, then a facial portrait could do you good. Plus, those types of shots really sets up the mood of the photo.

Portraits don’t have to focus only on the subject

Portraits primary focus is to highlight the subject and express it as it is, through the shot, however, if you can use other factors in the photo such as a background subject or the background itself, make sure to use them. Try to play around with the background and you might be surprised with the outputs you’ll come out with. Take your time and aim for more, rather than just aim for the subject.

Know your subject’s body capacity in framing

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Not all of us can be supermodels, you know. We can’t have perfect slender bodies, such as them, however, if you’re capturing a normal person’s photo, you can still provide top-notch outputs, as well as only having your smartphone as a tool for shooting. All you need to know is framing, learn to frame them perfectly and not leave out any particular body part out of the photo. Always analyze your frame and if something is off to you, in terms of subject, then don’t hesitate to change your framing.

Lighting is a huge factor in expression

Lighting is a pretty huge factor in portrait shooting, professional-wise or not. A certain light effect can make a good shot, perfect and with a little bit of added detail, it can turn into more. Always know that certain lightings, whether natural or artificial can be used to spice up your portrait shot. Take your time to determine what particular lighting will you use and try out a few shots with it, you might shoot something amazing.

A subject’s pose should determine your shooting angle

As the photographer, you’re the one who’s expected to adjust to your subject’s positioning, thus, learn to adjust to their desired “pose” whether it’s rather clunky or not. Always have the clearness of mind to adjust yourself to certain shooting angles for you to nail the perfect shot, it’ll be hard at first, but it’ll feel really good when that “perfect” shot sees the light of day.

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