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Top Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

Now that the Galaxy S8 is out in the wild, we take a look what makes Samsung’s latest flagship stand out above the rest by listing the top features of Samsung Galaxy S8.

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All eyes on security

Unlocking the phone via fingerprint scanner is just an option for the Galaxy S8. You can go hands-free with the iris scanner security feature that takes half a second to unlock.

Iris scanner

Add to it the facial recognition feature and Samsung Knox security platform. The latter includes Secure Folder for keeping private information and apps, well, secured, and Samsung Pass for biometric authentication when trying to log into mobile banking apps and websites on the proprietary internet browser.

To infinity and beyond

Wide 18.5:9 aspect ratio

Because the dual-edge display is so mainstream nowadays, Samsung expands that even further and gave birth to Infinity Display that goes beyond what users can interact with.

With more than 80% screen-to-body-ratio, the Infinity Display flows to the sides providing a seamless oozing feeling for users.

Moreover, the expanded 18.5:9 wide aspect ratio gets filled all by a 21:9 movie format for a more immersive experience. Add to it the HDR support presenting very vibrant and accurate colors on the display.


Not only that, you can see more and do more with its 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch display sizes – made for multitasking such as pinning a recent app on the top screen while utilizing the rest.

Bixby does it all


It takes intelligence to do it all, and Bixby clearly ups the AI game as one of Samsung Galaxy S8’s biggest feature.

In a single press of the dedicated button or by simply saying ‘Bixby’, users can intelligently interact with Samsung’s AI that is not limited to checking weather and news updates but also controlling multiple apps by voice or touch without affecting what the users are currently doing.

The Vision interface – the bread and butter of Bixby, responds to users queries by its wide array of searching algorithms transformed into recognizing information, landmarks, images, QR codes, and even foreign languages where Bixby can translate it through its camera.

Re-imagined Design

Galaxy S8

Apart from the impressive Infinity Display, the Galaxy S8 most notable feature belongs to the re-imagined design schematic.

Who would have thought that the dual-edge display can even get better by expanding every corner of the screen?

What else, despite constructing a large screen that almost ventured into the phablet foray, the overall construction fits perfectly in the hands that provide extreme comfort when being used single-handedly.

Samsung made sure to maintain a seamless design and look by creating a minimalist UI that drips and flows all over the metal and glass construction of the Galaxy S8. A true breakthrough in smartphone design, if we must say.

Additional Features

To add to the already long list of features of the Galaxy S8, Samsung Dex Station transforms the phone into a desktop interface by simply docking the phone, and the Samsung Gear360 dives the user into a full 360-degree video recording at gorgeous 4K resolution, complete with the GearVR for full VR experience.

These come as an optional must-have for the Galaxy S8.

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