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ESL, the world’s leader in e-Sports currently announced that they will host  South East Asia’s biggest eSports Dota 2 competition to date. The ESL One Manila by PLDT Fibr and Smart GameX is throwing down the gauntlet with a massive award of US$250,000. The said battles will run from April 23-24, 2016 in one of the grandest stage here in the Philippines, the Mall of Asia Arena (talk about the hype).

An almost twelve million pesos price pool is up for grabs and top Dota 2 teams from around the globe and a dedicated local brewed team will fight it out to be the worlds best and things are looking good.

The two day tournament will be open to the public and tickets sale for the ESL Dota 2 competition will start on December 8 of this year at 6PM (GMT+8).

  • Event Tickets (weekend tickets): Php 500.00  (general admission to the 2-day event)
  • Premium tickets: Php 5,000 (Premium seats on battles, free drinks and food, goodie bags, exclusive signing sessions, a dedicated secret shop area for premium goers, special Dota 2 ingame items)

ESL One Manila is setting the stage for Philippines’ massive introduction to eSports as a whole. As an eSports fan, seeing the country opening up to eSports prowess is truly a magnificent sight and hopefully, we’ll come to terms than eSport is not a merely games, but a true blue competition that people have dedicated blood, sweat, tears and fears. For more info, check out ESL One’s official site, located right below this article.

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What do you think of ESL One’s Dota 2 Competition here in the Philippines? We’d love to hear from Dota 2 players and how you felt with Dota 2 becoming really appreciated here at our country.

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